Tulips are quickly becoming a staple on our farm.  This past year we experimented with a Forced Tulip program with the goal to have blooms by Valentine’s Day and we are so happy to say it was a huge success!  Having fresh, local flowers that early is a game changer.   With these early greenhouse grown tulips, we had fresh grown flowers in February and March before the earliest of Narcissus popped up.  Field grown tulips naturally spring up later on in April and May to extend our tulip season to a full 4 months!

Tulips are also an amazing wedding and event staple to have on hand in the spring.  We are able to dry store them in our cooler for up to 6 weeks – extending their use even further!  Their vase life drops to a few days when rehydrated after an extended storage, but for a day event it is all we need.


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